Knocking at the Door of Life Purpose

Knocking at the Door of Life Purpose

As I recall, it hit me like a ton of bricks, but as I reread the journal entry I was disappointed. You see, the decision to begin blogging about addiction has redefined my ideas of fulfillment. In many ways it’s a miracle. So when I looked back and all I had was 2-3 bullet points, I was surprised; I remember it being much more!

The thought of Inhouse Treatment first entered my mind on June 19, 2016 at 10:40 AM, while I was shaving. It arrived with tremendous momentum and entered the mind with such force, that it was hours later until I could think straight.

To be honest, the thought has never actually left. My mind remains wired to recovery and developing Inhouse Treatment. To me these thoughts are special, because they feel in alignment with my life purpose.

A short time later I took a major step and registered the domain. Currently, I’m learning my role and voice online. Inhouse Treatment will post regular and relevant content, and will be a resource for the addict looking for sobriety, and the family that is confused.

Above all our goal is to: “Bring uniformity and cohesion to post-treatment recovery.”

A Life of Self-Discovery

I’ve had my ups and downs. As a matter of fact, I’ve lived homeless, gone to jail on multiple felonies, stolen things, and been kicked out of several treatment centers. Leave no room for doubt, I was an IV drug user and lost over 10 years to the disease of addiction.

As the story goes, my third overdose finally loosened the chains of pride and provided a platform for me to ask for help. I’ve been engaged in the process of self-discovery ever since.

I’ve always said, “In recovery, it’s important to remember where you come from.” I’ll never forget the years and relapses necessary to provide the will to change.

I couldn't figure out sobriety, it was so damn evasive. All I wanted to do was get better, but couldn’t string anything together. I tried everything.

As humans, our ability to reform is amazing; we are resilient. So thankful for family and friends who kept a prayer in their heart and didn’t give up.

Now is the Time to Recover

Looking in hindsight, and reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of my recovery, I’m convinced that when certain elements are in play, chances for sobriety increase.

In the process of examination and reflection, and from innumerable attempts at sobriety and treatment, these things are evident.

  • Now is the time to recover
  • Recovery is enjoyable
  • Anyone can do it

This is no mystery - it takes commitment. Many people are doing it. Many people are enjoying it.

How Do We Increase Our Chances for Sobriety?

While in the depths of addiction certain things get pushed aside. Some of life's most basic elements are overlooked. Our energy is directed towards negative channels and we become lost, some more than others, to varying degrees.

As soon as we quit, we are in unfamiliar territory and have huge chunks of time to manage, with a mind that only knows one thing - how to chase the high. A major goal is to rewire the thinking pattern.

What about all the extra time? How do we fill the mental, spiritual, and emotional void?

To me the answer is simple: we create the life we’ve always dreamed of! Now is the time to start fresh and do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Now is the time to recover.

The real secret lies at the heart of every addict, and must be fought for and gained one step at a time. May we work together to sustain sobriety!

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Tate Gunning

Tate Gunning

Tate Gunning has entered his life purpose with the creation of Inhouse Treatment. For over 10 years, he suffered from addiction, living homeless, in jail, and on the streets. Rehab didn’t work; he couldn’t get clean. Now 3 years sober and completely transformed, he is ready to teach the enjoyment of recovery.

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